Android Apps

Breakz Radio:
Listen to on the GO!


Little Numbers:
How often have you thought: “Just how many coffees did i drink today?”
or: “How many pushups was i supposed to do?”
There are a lot of numbers to keep in mind during the day. These little widgets help you keep track of all those numbers.
Keep one to check how many calls you made. Or make one to count how many times your co-worker uses the phrase “oh my god” during a day.

cjDrums: Basic drumpad app with a twist! Depending on where you hit the pad, the pitch will differ. You can load your own samples and save/load drumkits.


Telenet Hotspot AutoLogin: Little app for customers of the Belgian ISP Telenet. If you have a Telenet Hotspot-account, this android-app will automatically log you in when in reach of a Telenet Hotspot. No need anymore to log in through the portal-website.


Copywaste Android App: The CopyWaste Android app.

Market link:


Android Love Vibrator: A naughty little app i made for android-phones to learn some tricks.

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